Bill Busbice is a veteran entrepreneur and the developer of HWY Pro, an innovative smartphone app for the trucking industry. HWY Pro is a unique app that can increase the efficiency of how products are transported through a trucking network. The app aims to dramatically change the manner in which products are accessed and delivered by truckers to the end destination, leading to more productivity and less waste.

HWY Pro is to products what Uber is to commuters. The ridesharing app streamlined transportation for commuters. HWY Pro will streamline the transportation of products. The app was launched on August 24, 2017, and is on its way to disrupting truckers’ traditional methods of operation. For example, truckers still use an outdated method called “load boards” to load goods and dispatch. This method is slow and time-consuming. HWY Pro will enable truckers to take on tens of thousands of loads and plan dispatches with the rapid “load insight” function on the app. Using the app eliminates time-wasting paperwork and invoicing. HWY Pro will decrease the time truckers have to spend arranging loads so they can have more time for family and relaxing.

Before he invested in HWY Pro, Bill Busbice owned a trucking company called Ace Transportation that served in the oil and gas industry. Under his leadership, Ace Transportation was ranked one of the “Top 100 Businesses” by Acadiana. He sold the company before moving on to HWY Pro.

Bill Busbice is a devoted family man who is as much a philanthropist as he is an entrepreneur. He has been married to his wife, Beth, for over 36 years. They have two sons and a daughter together—Matt, Ryan, and Sarah. He is also an ardent philanthropist involved in various causes for 40 years. He and his wife contribute to the Buckmasters’ Life Hunts and the Children’s Dream Fund to help children suffering from disabilities and terminal illnesses. Bill describes himself as a “venture philanthropist” who wants to spread goodwill and advocate worthwhile causes. He is as passionate about philanthropy as he is about starting new businesses, because the more successful he is, the more philanthropic he can be.