New App Aims to Change Truckers’ Lives

Trucking tech usually involves innovations in vehicle machinery, autonomous driving, supply chain dynamics, and logistics. Rarely is trucking tech concerned with improving the lives of long-haul truckers who spend as much time arranging loads as driving for days. All that is about to change, at least somewhat, with HWY Pro, a mobile app that will make organizing loads and dispatching less time consuming and cumbersome for truckers.

HWY Pro is the result of relentless investments by Bill Busbice, Paul Svindland, and Harry Hover. The trio has extensive experience in the trucking business, which all went into developing HWY Pro. The app is currently at and can be accessed through the site and soon to be available on Google Play and Apple’ s App Store.

HWY Pro is packed with features that directly benefit truckers to better manage time and be productive. Truckers often have to spend hours doing paperwork, making calls, and waiting for cargo at truck stops. HWY Pro aims to change all this for the better. Here are some highlights of the app:

Speedier than Traditional Platforms

One of the biggest advantages of HWY Pro is that the app allows a user to arrange a full haul to the end destination in 6 taps or less. The average method takes dozens of mouse clicks to complete. In addition, truckers have to spend hours calling brokers and shippers to book a single roundtrip. None of this is required with HWY Pro.

Take on Tens of Thousands of Loads at Once

HWY Pro has a unique feature that allows truckers to organize “tens of thousands of loads” with a nifty function called “load insight.” It eliminates most of the paperwork associated with taking on such a big task.

Real Time Updates

The app provides real time updates for loads and availability of new loads. A registered user can claim a new load as soon as it becomes available. The app is very user-friendly, and even a trucker with little tech experience can use it.

Loads are Secured by Freight Specialists

The app makes a team of freight specialists available to each user. These specialists negotiate and claim loads on behalf of the trucker. So when a truck arrives at a stop, the load is already secured. This saves hours of time for the truck operator and allows more time for driving and downtime.

More Efficient Route Planning

Truckers can save their home base on the app and have following destinations saved on a dashboard. This helps better organizing of routes on busy days. Truckers who do the same route each day has the advantage of logging fuel stops and claiming supplementary loads that will be arranged by the team. The app is always available on the road.

HWY Pro also eliminates the need to log paperwork. The freight team behind the app can handle most of the tedious tasks that truckers waste time on. Overall, HWY Pro allows truckers to manage the week is a more productive and efficient manner.


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