Staying Focused in an Increasingly Distracting World

Focus is very important to all jobs. But for some jobs, such as being an independent truck driver, the focus could mean the difference between life and death. Owner-operators cannot afford to lose focus in the middle of the road. Independent drivers cannot lose focus on the road either, as that could mean tens of thousands of dollars in lost business. Unfortunately for most hard workers, the world is becoming full of things that are aimed to distract us. So how can truckers and entrepreneurs stay focused and concentrate on what’s important?

Use Smartphones Smartly

Smartphones are an integral part of being an owner-operator. Most truckers wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t have smartphones with them. While smartphones and tablets open up a world of new opportunities for truckers, it’s important to use these little gadgets smartly. For example, truck drivers should use smartphones to improve efficiency and personal productivity, not for staying distracted on the road. For example, an app like Skype is great for communicating for free while on the road, but it’s not so great if you keep video calling friends when driving.

Apps like HWY Pro, co-developed by Bill Busbice, are great for improving efficiency and reducing time waste while on the road. Truckers are advised to stick to apps that are beneficial for being an owner-operator. Don’t use time-wasting apps that only make you distracted while on the road.

Stop Multitasking

Truckers should never multitask. When driving, the only thing you should be doing is driving, obviously. Even when off the road, truckers shouldn’t engage in so-called multitasking activities like replying to emails or texts while in bed. There are two important things that truckers should professionally focus on: driving and getting enough sleep. Owner-operators can use apps like HWY Pro to eliminate time waste and get tedious tasks done without having to multitask.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s never enough to emphasize the importance of sleeping at least 8 hours each night for truckers. Adults require between 6 to 9 hours of sleep. Truck drivers, who are expected to be highly alert on the road, should get the 8 recommended hours of sleep at night. Without proper rest, truck drivers will have a very hard time focusing on the road. Truckers may become easily distracted and highly irritated. Therefore, to keep a clear head and to retain optimal ability to concentrate, truckers should prioritize sleeping between shifts.

Ditch Bad Habits that Cause You to Lose Focus

Some truckers love to listen to music when driving. But if the latest country song is causing the driver to be distracted, then the driver should stop listening to music on the road. It can be hard, but if some habits get in the way of driving, then truckers must learn to stop these bad habits.

Owner-operators can try designing one’s own distraction-free routine to make sure they are optimally alert when on the road. Some of the suggestions above, such as getting a good night’s rest, are more important than others. If you try hard enough, you will eventually be able to stay focused when working.

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