Surprising Ways We Waste Time

Does it seem like no matter how early you rise, there’s never enough time in the day to do things you like? It’s not because days suddenly got shorter, it’s because most people are notorious time wasters. For some people, such as self-employed truck drivers, wasting precious time could have disastrous consequences. Truckers may not have enough time left in the day to sleep at least 8 hours, which is absolutely necessary for driving with a clear head. It still surprises most people how time gets wasted. Read below to learn about the mind-boggling ways you may be wasting time:

Constantly Checking Social Media

Most of us have had those times when we like to take “just a moment” to check messages and notifications on social media channels. What starts out as a three-second exercise then ends up being a 30-minute task scrolling down newsfeeds and replying to posts. Constantly checking social media channels is one of the biggest time wasters of modern life. It’s strongly advised not to check social media at the start of the day, during lunch time, or whenever you have other things to do. Check your social media profiles when you have leisure time at the end of the day.

Small Talk During Business Conversations

Truckers may be most familiar with this rather time wasting exercise. Owner-operators usually have to call dispatchers and shippers to arrange workloads. If you know these intermediaries, the business talk may turn personal. Then, a 10-minute call ends up going on and on. Entrepreneurs and just about everyone should avoid small talk during business conversations.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have to be polite, but make sure the conversation doesn’t end up going in a different direction. Use your free time or weekends to call up business friends to ask about their families. Just don’t waste time doing it during business hours. Better yet, you should eliminate the need to call and instead, use an app like HWY Pro, which was developed by Bill Busbice especially to eliminate mundane time-wasting tasks such as long phone calls.

Checking Your Phone on the Bed

Your bed should be for sleeping. Don’t check your phone, or even read on the bed. The reason is, when you do these things on the bed, you will be sacrificing the time you have for sleeping. You may think you are only going to read or reply to a Facebook post for 10 or 15 minutes. But these activities can stretch for hours, hurting your sleep.

Driving Around Looking for the Best Spot to Park

Who hasn’t spent time driving around looking for the most ideal spot closest to the entrance? When you do this, you are not only wasting fuel but time as well. Park at the first open space you see and save yourself minutes and dollars.

Eliminating time waste is good for both business and health. Therefore, do the best you can to avoid wasting time like described above. Take active steps toward improving your efficiency level. Then, you will be able to enjoy immense benefits regarding good business and good health.


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