Trying New Things and Tackling Discomfort as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is definitely not for those who like comfort and a strict routine. Successful entrepreneurs have to face various challenges, experience failure at least once, and even more dreadfully, try new things. Read why entrepreneurs should be comfortable with getting out of their comfort zones to truly succeed:

You Never Know What You are Capable of Doing Unless You Try

It may sound like a Disney aphorism, but entrepreneurs never discover their true potential unless they try new things. This is a fact Bill Busbice discovered firsthand. His career started off in a trucking company, where the workplace was highly structured. Leaving a formal and secure office job is not easy on anyone. However, Mr. Busbice decided to move on from the trucking company and pursue the unpredictable and exciting life of an entrepreneur. The result of this journey is HWY Pro, the trucking app that has the potential to disrupt the industry.

Move on to Better Things

Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be too pessimistic about moving on to new things. Instead, think of it as moving on to better things. Mr. Busbice has found incredible success with HWY Pro. The app is unique in the industry and will soon reach a highly in-demand market of truck owner-operators. Mr. Busbice didn’t rapidly transition from a corporate businessperson to a successful app developer. There were several other ventures in the middle of the road, most of which were not successful. The road is not smooth, but entrepreneurs who believe in their vision and have the resilience to withstand anything can find success. But first, the entrepreneur must be willing to get out of his or her comfort zone.

Diverse Experiences Make Better Innovators

You won’t learn much sitting at an office desk for years at the same company. The more diverse your experiences are, the better you will be able to create new things. When you try new things, you are acquiring new knowledge. You will get a chance to deeply understand business sectors, observe the competition, follow the market demand, and assess trends. Finally, when it comes to developing a product, you will have amazing knowledge to get the project right. More often than not, it’s the entrepreneurs who have tried many new things that become the businesspeople we remember. Steve Jobs, for example, worked in an HP assembly line, held a Job at Atari, and studied Zen spirituality in India before he started working at Apple.

Become More Resilient

Perhaps the main reason entrepreneurs should try new things is to ultimately move past the fear of failure. Entrepreneurs who get out of their comfort zone can get to know discomfort intimately. Then, the smart ones develop strategies to tackle this discomfort. This prepares entrepreneurs to tackle calculated risks when running a business and also to clearheadedly face unanticipated crises. Both are absolutely essential for successfully running a business.

Comfort zones are great only for one thing, being comfortable. But they don’t bring you success. To make a real difference in the business world, go ahead and try new things.

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