This is How a UPS Trucker Drove for 55 Years without a Single Accident

The American Transportation Research Institute’s latest report has highlighted the top issues faced by drivers. As always, driver safety is on the list. The trucking industry as a whole takes significant steps to reduce road accidents involving trucks. Are there truck drivers who can drive for decades without getting into a single accident? Apparently, yes. Tom Camp, a UPS truck driver, has worked for 55 years without getting involved in a single accident. He had a spotless record at the time he retired this year.

An Impressively Spotless Record

Camp is not the only trucker to have driven perfectly. Before him, Ron Sowder, also a UPS driver, logged 50 years of driving without a single accident. But no one has surpassed Camp in the sheer number of years without even as much as a traffic ticket. His accomplishment has inspired UPS to donate a $25,000 grant to the Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan.

So, what’s Camp’s secret to perfect driving? He told newspapers that he assumes the other drivers are all daydreaming. That is to say, expect that other drivers on the road are irresponsible and be the responsible driver on the road. Camp told the press that he has seen people do crazy things on the road while driving, such as reading newspapers on the wheel and even applying makeup while driving.

Camp has said that drivers on the road now are more distracted than drivers were decades ago. He also emphasized that traffic congestion has increased as well. Traffic can make tempers run high. That, coupled with the many distractions of the rush hour stress, can be a recipe for disaster. Camp’s advice is for truck drivers to be alert when others aren’t.

What Truck Drivers Can Do to Be Safer on the Road

Truckers themselves can take steps to stay less stressed while on the road. If owner-operators are driving sleep deprived or worrying about the next load, then that doesn’t contribute towards safe driving. Bill Busbice suggests using apps like the one he co-developed, HWY Pro, to “just drive” on the road without worrying about anything else. HWY Pro makes it easier for drivers to find new loads and plan routes. The idea is to minimize time waste, so truckers have more time for resting and driving.

HWY Pro also outsources cumbersome tasks associated with arranging hauls. For example, truckers who use the app can outsource the tedious tasks of finding new loads to a team of freight specialists. The specialists make sure the loads arrive at the designated truck stop without disruptions along the way. The independent drivers only have to worry about driving safely.

Technology, even simple tech like an app, is essential to keeping truckers and other motorists safe on busy roads. Then again, driving skills also matter greatly, as Tom Camp so skillfully shows. The industry is finding it difficult to replace highly experienced drivers like him. But new drivers can use apps like HWY Pro to organize schedules better so they can focus on driving safely.

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